Peru Alto Santa Clara

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Way up high in the Peruvian mountains, Mauro runs the beautiful 'Sacred Heart' coffee farm with his family. This coffee is completely pure with all of the fruit coming from Red Caturra trees.

A delightfully rounded taste profile with some light pear acidity and full creamy body. 

This coffee has been brought through transparent funding and pricing arrangements for the benefit of the farmer. 

Enjoy notes of cocoa, pears, walnuts and whole cream. 

We can supply whole bean or pre-ground to a grind that suits your preferred serve:

Whole Bean - Bean-to-cup machine / grind as required

Coarse - For steeping: Cafetiere / French press

Medium - For pour-over: Titanium Filter / Chemex / V60 / Filter Machine

Fine - For pressure extraction: Espresso / Aero Press / Moka pot 

Everything you need to know about your monthly subscription:

  • You will receive freshly roasted coffee each month
  • Simply choose the quantity and the grind (or whole bean)
  • And choose 12 month subscription
  • No commitments, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.