Brita Style Water Filter Jug (2.4l) - BLUE

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They say...

Sleek, modern design meets innovative BRITA filtration technology. For great tasting water that fits your lifestyle.  MAXTRA+ MicroFlow Technology for great tasting water.  Innovative BRITA Smart Light uses traffic light system to signal when it's time to replace the cartridge.  Modern, soft shape design.  Flip top lid with silicone strap for easy refilling

We say...

At least 80% of your coffee or tea is water; so it's a big deal.  Brita's filter jugs conveniently remove chlorine and other dissolved minerals and chemicals, which aren't dangerous, but they will interfere with the taste of your drink.  Plus the jugs reduce calcium, which causes three problems:

1. It will cause damage to your coffee machine through build up of limescale and no machine warranty covers limescale damage which can be terminal.

2. It drastically flattens the flavours and aroma in your coffee.  A quick taste test reveals just how much tastier coffee or tea is when made with filtered water

3. It causes a scum to float on the surface of tea and coffee plus reduces the crema in espresso

Need further convincing?!