Double-Walled Glass Coffee Carafe AND Pour-Over Filter

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This set includes the Double-Walled Coffee Carafe plus this Titanium Pour Over filter.

They say...

Built to last, your one filter can be used again and again. Do your environment a favour and save money on paper filters. To wash, simply rinse with warm water.
Double-wall pour over coffee filter, designed to withstand high temperatures, features a titanium coated gold colour stainless steel dual layer made with food grade stainless steel. The inner mesh filter removes all residues while allowing essential oils to pass through. The layer is a laser cut design made for long term structural support, built to withstand repeated usage.
The cone drip system is designed to fit directly in our Double-Walled Coffee Carafe.

We say...

This combination of kit will move you into coffee super-stardom.  It's a bit like a beautiful V60.  Add your ground coffee, pour over the hot water and the brewed coffee drips directly into the carafe.  It takes a while - around 7-8 mins to brew 600mm; but this isn't about doing things quickly.  Slow brew then enjoy slowly as the double-walled carafe will keep your coffee warm.

Whilst filter papers aren't expensive; anything single-use is a bit irksome, so here's the answer.  It's more fiddly to clean the grinds out but probably worth it in the long run.  Plus the little rubber tray keeps everything clean and drip free.