Decaf - Swiss Water Peru

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This Peru single origin decaffeinated coffee is grown and harvested by organic certified farmers high in the Peru mountains. The fruit is delivered to the local wet mill, who sort, ferment wash the cherries ready for export to Swiss Water for the decaffeination process. 

This is a mellow, silky smooth coffee with notes of red berries, chocolate and nuts.

The Swiss Water process is a natural decaffeination technique that avoids all chemicals.  Our friends at Swiss water are obsessed with quality so you can be assured of a super-tasty coffee in your cup.

We can supply whole bean or pre-ground to a grind that suits your preferred serve:

Whole Bean - Bean-to-cup machine / grind as required

Course - For steeping: Cafetiere / French press

Medium - For pour-over: Titanium Filter, Chemex / V60 / Filter Machine

Fine - For pressure extraction: Espresso / Aero Press / Moka pot 

Everything you need to know about your monthly subscription:

  • You will receive freshly roasted coffee each month
  • Simply choose the quantity and the grind (or whole bean)
  • And choose 12 month subscription
  • No commitments, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.