Colombia Single Origin - 3 Month Subscription

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Sourced from 8 talented small-scale coffee producers in the Bruselas community in Huila under the name Andino. The steep ridges of the region produce a coffee with a vibrant and crisp acidity and a subtle complexity.

Our green importer is the brilliant Caravela, who are also B Corp certified and work closely with the farmers to ensure full pricing transparency, sustainable farming practises and consistent cup quality. 

We can supply whole bean or pre-ground to a grind that suits your preferred serve:

Whole Bean - Bean-to-cup machine / grind as required

Coarse - For steeping: Cafetiere / French press

Medium - For pour-over: Titanium Filter, Chemex / V60 / Filter Machine

Fine - For pressure extraction: Espresso / Aero Press / Moka pot 

Everything you need to know about your monthly subscription:

  • You will receive freshly roasted coffee each month
  • Simply choose the quantity and the grind (or whole bean)
  • And choose 12 month subscription
  • No commitments, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.