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Everyone visits this page for a different reason. Hopefully we’ll cover off what you’re looking for.

  • Location: We live and operate out of Lymington on the south coast - a pretty sailing town in the New Forest; but we distribute nationally across the UK
  • Team: My wife Binny and I co-founded the business and we have a small direct team including John, Susie and David who work remotely across the south of England.
  • Background: My background is in marketing but I’ve always been in love with coffee - at 20 I designed and built a coffee machine as the final project for my Product Design and Development degree. At 42 I finally decided to leave employment and start a coffee company from scratch with my wife and our team.
  • Proudly independent: This business is our pride and livelihood and we have no external shareholders outside of our core team.
  • Bigger than you think: We might be small but we have an extraordinary partnership network that allows us to provide our customers with exceptional quality and breadth of services. We invest heavily in our knowledge.
  • How we started: Our core business started with supplying values-led businesses with exceptional quality Specialty grade coffee. We received more and more requests for our coffee from individuals so we decided to launch a dedicated website that allowed us to be more efficient with how we managed orders. Email and WhatsApp doesn’t scale very well!
  • Do you roast? I am sample roasting most days on my IKAWA to choose new coffees and develop roast profiles, but we choose not to production roast. Rather we work closely with our small network of exceptionally talented independent roasters who share our philosophies. We cup coffee alongside our roasters and we are always checking quality of the coffee going out to our clients. We’re proud to share the information on those brilliant roasters in our network if you would like to get in touch.
  • Direct Trade: Some of the coffees we supply are direct trade with the coffee farmers but we’re working towards all of our coffee being directly traded. The more customers who support us the quicker we can achieve our goal of 100% direct trade
  • B Corp: We are part of a very small group of businesses in the UK that have B Corp certification. This means we sit ‘purpose’ alongside ‘profit’. Indeed, the consideration of all stakeholders is legally bound in our articles of association
  • Our environmental position: We care deeply about our environmental responsibilities. Every decision we make as a business will be influenced by the environmental impact. Our Environmental Impact Tracker sits at the heart of our business. When we are in a position to share the data, we are confident that we will be the coffee company with the lowest environmental impact in the UK per KG supplied. This is certainly our ambition. If anyone would like to challenge us then please get in touch and let’s share ideas and improve together.
  • Fair and equitable: We take great pride in being fair in how we operate. We seek strong relationships with everyone. If you’re a fellow Speciality coffee professional checking us out then please do reach out and say hi. It’s our firm belief that the more shoulders we have on the ‘Speciality coffee flywheel’ the quicker we can spin-up a fairer system for all
  • How do we keep in touch? We don’t regularly update our news section on this website. Like most businesses we focus on social media so please do seek us out.
  • Please contact us: If you still have questions about the ‘who’ the ‘what’ or the ‘why’ then please feel free to call me on my mobile: 07940 164 954

Thanks for reading

Tim (co-Founder)