Wilfa Silver Grinder

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They say...

The Wilfa Silver coffee grinder is a an excellent and affordable electric coffee grinder.  Perfect for home users who want make coffee using a filter or immersion brew method and is unbeatable value for money.

Please note, it does not grind fine enough for espresso but is suitable for all immersion and filter brew methods.

Benefits of the Wilfa Silver Coffee Grinder:

250 g capacity
Timer function
Approved by the European Coffee Brewing Center
NEMKO approved

We say...

We don't know who NEMKO are either but this is certainly an exceptional grinder to have on your kitchen worktop. 

Look, we understand that £100 may seem like a lot of money but our favourite grinder is the EK43 which is £2,500 so this little Wilfa is actually pretty good value.  Also if you consider this will last at least 5 years, the daily cost is about 5 pence.

The lid of the grinds pot is a little flimsy but that's our only criticism.

You can pass this opportunity in favour of us grinding for you for free; but we're not going to get it perfectly right for your method.  What I can guarantee is that we'll start the staling process for your bag of coffee as soon as it hits our grinder.

If you're reading this you probably know that you need a grinder so can I suggest you hit the 'buy' button as you will wonder why you didn't do it earlier once it's arrived. 

...you're welcome